11:00                         Registration Begins  

Thursday, 16 July






















1:00–1:10                 Welcome


           MC:          Ron Taylor,  Berry College

                            Robert “Bob” Eslinger, Dean Emeritus, Hendrix College


1:10–2:10                 William “Ted” Mahavier, Lamar University

                                                   I Like What You Talked about, But WHAT DO YOU DO?


2:15–3:00                 David Bressoud, Macalester College; President, Mathematical Association of America                                                          Teaching the Art of Guessing





3:00–3:30                Break for Refreshments (Texas 5–7)

3:30–4:50                Contributed Presentations (See abstracts booklet.)

5:00–6:00                Free Time

6:00–7:00                Reception – Cash Bar (Texas Foyer)

7:00–9:00                Dinner (Texas 1-4)

                                   Tim Chartier, Davidson College

                                        Exploring Mathematical Ideas with Mime

All sessions are in the Texas Room(1–4), unless otherwise noted.


Texas (1–4)


Cornelius Stallmann,

Augusta State University

Hill Country (A&B)

1st Floor




Hill Country (C&D) 

1st Floor


Math Education


Big Bend (A–D)

1st Floor


Favorite IBL Activity



Round Table Discussion

Session I


Topics to be posted

at Conference.

Angie Hodge

North Dakota State University

Teaching History of Mathematics Using Inquiry Based Learning

Lisa Orloff Clark

Susquehanna University

An Inquiry Based Approach for Introductory Statistics

Christine von Renesse

Westfield State College

Palindromes in Mathematics and Music


Round Table Discussion

Session I (cont.)

Edgar Parker

James Madison University

IBL in a History of Mathematics Course

Annie and John Selden, Kerry McKee

New Mexico State University

Observations on the Proving Process

Judith Covington

Louisiana State University, Shreveport

Building Numbers in a Course for Future Elementary Teachers


Round Table Discussion

Session I (cont.)

Robert Roe

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Video Example of Students Writing Proofs

Kerry McKee, Annie and John Selden

New Mexico State University

Understanding and Constructing Proofs: A Course for Helping Students to Construct Proofs

Lauren Siegel and Donna Hulsey

ACE Academy

Geometry with Geogebra for Elementary Students: Introduction to the Area Formula for Triangles