Friday, 17 July

7:308:30                Continental Breakfast  (Texas 5–7)


8:309:00                 Brian “Coach” Landry, Lt. Col., USAF, PhD, Assistant Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Air University                                                             Of Lions and Gazelles


9:1010:00               New User Perspectives on Using IBL, Panel Session

                                                   Stan Yoshinobu, California Poly State University–San Luis Obispo, Moderator

                                                   Feryal Alayont, Grand Valley State University

                                                   Jialing Dai, University of the Pacific

                                                   Carl Mummert, University of Michigan


10:0010:30             Break (Texas 5–7)


10:3011:00            Diane Spresser, Professor Emeritus, Former Chair Mathematics Department, James Madison University;                                                  Consultant in the Directorate of Education and Human Resources, National Science Foundation

                                                   If It’s a Good Partnership, Then It Works!


11:10–11:20            Katherine Socha, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

                                                   Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning


11:20–12:00             Five-Minute Talks, Session I


12:001:00               Lunch  (Texas 1–4)

1:001:20                                  David Garrigus, Garrigus Productions

                                                   Video premiere: Creativity in Mathematics: Inquiry Based Learning and the Moore Method






































2:303:00                Break (Texas 5-7)


3:003:10                 Mark Daniels, University of Texas at Austin

                                  Efraim Armendariz, University of Texas at Austin

                                                   Presentation of an IBL Mathematics Seminar to Middle School Teachers


3:103:50                                  Five-Minute Talks, Session II


4:004:20                Mel George, President Emeritus, University of Missouri System; President Emeritus, St. Olaf College.

                                                   Re-Shaping the Future


4:305:00                William A. Sommers, Leadership Coach, consultant and author

                                                   Why Students Don’t Like School: So, What Do We Do about It?


5:006:30                Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado

                                Ron Douglas, Texas A&M University

                                                   IBL Centers Project Report


Free Evening



                 MC:          Morning: Juan Marin, Alfred University

                                                                       Afternoon: Katherine Socha, St. Mary’s College of Maryland



Texas Room


Cornelius Stallman,

Augusta State University

Hill Country A&B

1st Floor




Hill Country C&D

1st Floor


Math Education


Big Bend A-D

1st Floor


Favorite IBL Activity


Round Table Discussion

Session 2


Topics to be posted at Conference.

Jennifer Nordstrom

Linfield College

A Discovery-Based Introduction to Game Theory Course

Joy Moore and Bernd Rossa,

Xavier University

Modified Moore Method in Real Analysis: Hearing the Students’ Voices: A Qualitative Study

Phyllis Chinn

Humboldt State University

“Build a Number” for Discrete Mathematics Classes


Round Table Discussion

Session 2


Christine von Renesse and Philip Hotchkiss

Westfield State College

Discovering the Art of Mathematics and Project PRIME: Developing Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning

Tatiana Shubin

San Jose State University

Math Teachers’ Circle Program: Goals and Achievements Towards a Culture of Problem Solving Among Middle School Teachers

Matt Insall

University of Missouri Rolla

Use Your Windows Server, and Some Low Cost Electronic Course Delivery Systems to Enhance Your Discovery Method Class — A Mini-workshop