W. Ted Mahavier, Fall 2011 - Spring 2012, Lamar University


Bill Mahavier, circa 1972
 W. Ted Mahavier, circa 2010

This page demonstrates the Moore Method as implemented by W. Ted Mahavier, during the Fall of 2011 and the Spring of 2012 at Lamar University, a comprehensive, regional university of about 14,000 students. The courses are Analysis I & II. Analysis I is required of all mathematics majors, regardless of track, while Analysis II is optional.

The video diary consists of the diary that I kept when I taught the course, supplemented by a collection of video clips along with my commentary on what might be gained by watching each clip. Each clip was chosen to illustrate some aspect(s) of the method.

The additional resources provide information on the course notes, syllabi, exams and blog, as well as links to external resources that may be helpful.