William S. Mahavier



Bill cared about people.

A conversation with Bill was always educational, never dull, usually a challenge, but nevertheless, interesting and fun!

There was usually plenty of food for thought later.

Bill listened;

indeed Bill listened very carefully to what was being said. Words have meaning and were not to be flung about as leaves dancing in the wind.

Bill was a thoughtful man, considerate of those he respected. To say that he cared little for dumb remarks is an understatement.

If you pose a question, then be prepared for a question in response. Make a pointed statement; expect a pointed remark in response.

What about the following idea?
     “What about it?”

Bill had no difficulty in disagreeing with someone about a statement under discussion.

He was fair in his arguments, honest with his comments and criticisms.

However, if Bill made his point and a person agreed with him that the statement in question was false, then have that very person assert that the statement that Bill had just pointed out was false, was true, well there would be thunder from Bill that could be heard for miles.

Bill was a good man, not perfect, simply a good man.

Bill was teacher in the best sense of the word. He could be very patient, he could be very impatient, which, depended on his reading of the student at the moment.

He might simply say “Go work on it!

Should a student be genuinely lost, then Bill would begin by gently saying

Consider the following.

Bill left some very nice marks on this world that shall last for a very long time.
He is missed.

Gordon G. Johnson

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