William S. Mahavier


Tribute to William "Bill" Mahavier

In 1968, I was a high school teacher spending a year studying math as part of an NSF MAT program at Emory. My advisers, the late Jack Downes and Do Skypec, told me, "it's not what you take that is important, it is who you take that counts". What great advice! They insisted I take Bill Mahavier. Bill's teaching technique has had a lifetime effect on my teaching. Bill turned me into a Texan and I soon was using "Moore Methods" in my secondary school mathematics classes.

I will be forever grateful to Bill for his interest in me and in how I might use a Modified Moore Method in my high school classes, especially ninth grade Algebra. Bill continued to offer me advice and support through out the years and I am blessed by his love and his concern, even as I remain a confirmed liberal. I miss him greatly and he will be missed by so many of us. More importantly, many students, who will never know Bill Mahavier, are blessed by Bill's positive and continuing effect on so many teachers who where fortunate to have been influenced by Bill Mahavier.

Thank you Bill.

H. W. "Chuck" Straley

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