William S. Mahavier



Bill had eight Ph.D. students and seven “grandstudents”
(and counting). His students are:

1. Philip Bacon, Coincidences of real valued maps from the n-torus. Tennessee, 1964

2. Ralph Bennett, Rectangularly chainable continua. Tennessee, 1964

3. Mary JeanRussell, Monotone upper semi-continuous decompositions of continua irreducible about a finite subset. Emory, 1969

4. James Kropa, Topological semigroups with identity, metrizability and embedability. Emory, 1971

5. Emory Merryman, Sr., Applications of category theory to normed linear spaces. Emory, 1971

6. Jewell McMorris, Characterization of clans whose underlying spaces are planar compactifications of a ray. Emory, 1973

7. Michel Smith, The irreducibility of continua which are the inverse limit of a collection of generalized Hausdorff arcs. Emory, 1974

8. Simon Stricklen, Jr., Images of metric spaces under closed mappings. Emory, 1974

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