William S. Mahavier



Ph.D.  Mathematics (1957) The  University of Texas
B.S. Physics (1951) The  University of Texas


1978-1980     Visiting Professor,North Texas State  University
1973-1974     Visiting Professor, The University  of Houston
1970-2008     Professor,  Emory  University
1967-1970     Associate Professor, Emory  University
1964-1967     Assistant  Professor,  Emory  University
1959-1964     Assistant  Professor, The University of Tennessee
1957-1959     Assistant  Professor, illinois Institute of Technology
1953-1954     Teaching Assistant,  University of Texas


1951-1952     Mathematical and Electronic  Research
                   U.S.Naval Air Missile Test  Center,  Point  Mugu, Ca.

1954-1957     Electronic  design, mathematical consulting  and research,
                    Defense Research Laboratory, University of Texas

Invited Talks

Talk at a special session on Inverse Limits at the Southeastern Sectional meeting of the AMS at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, Huntsville, AL. Oct.  2008.

Plenary  Talk, l0th Annual Legacy of R. L. Moore Conference, Austin, TX, April 12-14, 2007.

MAA Session on Teaching Innovations in Real Analysis, National Joint Meeting of the MAA and AMS, New Orleans, LA, January  5-8, 2007.

Conference on Topology and Theoretical  Computer Science, Oxford, UK, August 7-10, 2006.

40th Annual Topology and Dynamics Conference, The University of North
Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina, March, 2006.

35th Lloyd Roeling Conference, University of Louisiana at Lafayette,  Louisiru1a, November 4, 2005, Conference cancelled because of hurricane Katrina.

Lecture at the Annual EAF  Legacy of R. L. Moore Conference, Austin, TX, April 29-May 1, 2005.

Lecture at a special session on "Topology of Dynamical Systems" at  the regional meeting of the central section of the American Mathematical Society, April 8-10, 2005, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

Presentation  at a reception for NExT Fellows at the joint
AiVIS-MAA meeting in Atlanta,  January  5-8, 2005.

Speaker and Panelist  at a MAA special session: "Moore Method Calculus by Those Who Do It"  at the National Joint AMS-MAA meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, January 5-8, 2005.

Paper  presented  by my co-author,  W.T. Ingram at  the Sixth International Joint Meeting of the AMS and the Sociedad Matematica  Mexicana (SMM), May 13-15, 2004, Hyatt  Regency Houston, Houston, TX.

Honored guest at memorial dinner for J.W. Neuberger and W.S. Mahavier, 7th Annual EAF. Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference, Austin, TX,  March 12-14, 2004.

Talk on mentoring the Moore method,  7th Annual EAF Legacy of R. L. Moore Conference, Austin, Texas, Mmch 12-14, 2004.

Co-moderator  with Tom Ingram of panel session on mentoring the Moore method, 7th Annual E.A.F. Legacy of R. L. Moore Conference, Austin, TX,  March, 2004.

Visit and attend  seminars at Lamar University, Beaumont,  Texas, March 1-5 and March 15-19, 2004.

Lecture to NEXT fellows at a reception at the joint AMS-MAA national  meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, January,  2004.

Meeting of the advisory board for the EAF Center Project,  Phoenix,  Arizona, Jannary,  2004.

Meeting  of EAF  Center school  representatives, Phoeni.'<, Arizona, January,  2004.

Lecture, EAF  Discovery  Learning Conference,  The  University of Texas,  Austin, Texas, March  2003.

Invited Lecture, Lamar  University,  Beaumont, Texas,  March,  2003.

Meeting,  Executive Committee, Center  Project of the  Educational Advancement Foundation, Baltimore, MD.,  January,  2003.

Meeting,  Executive Committee, Center  Project of the Educational Advancement Foundation, San  Diego,  California, January,  2002

Lecture, Mu Alpha  Theta Chapter, Brookwood High School,  Snellville,  Georgia, March  26, 2002.

Chair  work sessions,  EAF  Discovery Learning Conference,  The  University of Texas, Austin, Texas,  March,  2002.

Lecture, Special  Session  on Research  on the  Mathematical Education of Undergraduates, AMS and  MAA Spring Southeastern Section Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia,  March  8-10, 2002

Lecture, Lloyd Roeling  Mathematics Conference,  University of Louisiana at Lafayette, November  2-4, 2001-cancelled- medical  problems.

Lecture, Spring Topology  and  Dynamical Systems Conference,  Morelia,  Mich., Mexico,  March  15-17,  2001, cancelled- medical  problems

Participant, panel  discussion,  EAF  Discovery  Learning Conference,  The  University of Texas,  Austin, Texas,  May, 2001

Lecture, Southeastern Sectional Meeting  of the  MAA,  Huntingdon  College, Montgomery, AL, March  30-31, 2001

Lecture, Fitzpatrick Memorial  Conference,  Auburn University,  Auburn, Alabama, February 9-10, 2001

Reception, R. L. Moore  NExT  Fellows, National meeting of the  AMS and  MAA, New Orleans, January,  2001.

Lecture, Augusta State University,  Augusta, Georgia,  October,  2000

Lecture, Discovery  Learning Conference,  The  University of Texas.  Austin. TX,  April,  2000

Lecture. Special Session on Topology of Continua. Central Section Meeting of the AMS. Austin. TX.  Ocrober. 1999

Participant: Discovery  Learning Conference.  The  University of Texas:  Austin, Texas,  April 1999

Participant, Discovery  Learning Conference,  The  University of Texas,  Austin, Texas,  April,  1998

Participant, Planning Conference on Discovery  Learning, The  University of Texas,  Austin, Texas,  June, 1997

Co-host  Discovery  Learning Session with  Professor  B.  Fitzpatrick Jr.
Spring Topology  and  Dynamics Conference, Southeastern  Louisiana University, Lafayette, Louisiana, April,  1997.

Participant,  Planning Conference on Discovery  Learning, The  University of Texas,  Austin, Texas,  June, 1996.

Moderator, problem  session  in Continua Theory and  Dynamical Systems at the  Annual Spring Topology  Conference,  Sacramento, California, April  1991.

Hour  Lecture, Math  Institute, St.  Edmund Hall,  Oxford  University,
England, July,  1988.

Lecture,  Topology Conference, Auburn  University, Auburn,  Alabama  March, 1976.

Hour Lecture,  Bennett Memorial Lecture,  Auburn University, Auburn Alabama,  1975.

Hour Lecture,  Loyola University, New Orleans.  LA, February, 1971

Hour Lecture,  Guilford College, Guilford, North Carolina,  May, 1970

Hour Lecture,  The  University of Houston,  Houston, Texas, January,  1968

Lecture,  Georgia State College, Atlanta,  Georgia, November, 1967.

Lecture,  Auburn University, Auburn,  Alabama,  October, 1966.


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