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Other Projects and Announcements


Several classes using inquiry-based learning methods have been filmed in their entirety for detailed study by researchers and use by prospective IBL teachers. One on-going project received some local publicity in Rolla, Missouri: S&T math students star in inquiry-based learning film


An oral history project is underway to record interviews with the students of Professor Moore and his two colleagues, Professors H.S. Wall and H.J. Ettlinger, and with others who knew or were influenced by these professors or their students. The interviews are recorded on either audio or video tapes and are deposited in the Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin. 


With the assistance of the Ex-Students Association of The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Howard Cook has contacted as many of R.L. Moore's geometry and calculus students as could be located and has obtained from them many interesting comments about their experiences in the classroom and what it has meant to them in their subsequent lives.


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