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July 2016

- The Connected World of Inquiry-Based Learning.


- Recent and Forthcoming Workshops.
January 2016

- Empowering with Inquiry-Based Learning: The 2015 IBL Conference.

- Beauregard Stubblefield: A Craftsman's Journey as a Mathematician.

- NSF Grants for IBL Workshops

- Recent and Forthcoming Workshops.
June 2015

- Building for the Future: Where We Are and the Next Steps.

Resources: IBL Classroom Videos

January 2015
- Engaging in Inquiry-Based Learning: The 2014 Legacy - IBL Conference in Denver.

- News: Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics conference; new assessment study..

- IBL in the media: Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicating active learning increases student performance.

Carl Pierburg, Senior Director for Football Systems, Atlanta Falcons

June 2014
-The Stories We Share. Examples of the importance of sharing student and teacher experiences.
- News: Workshop and presentations at MathFest in Portland, Oregon, 3-9 August, 2014..
- IBL in the social media -- blogs, YouTube videos
January 2014
-"We are IBL:" the 16th Annual Legacy Conference
- Assessment of IBL classes, and other recent news.
- "Distilling Ideas;" Mathematics Through Inquiry..
June 2013
-Some Numbers from Four Inquiry-Based Learning Centers
- "The Art of Mathematics" at Westfield University
- "The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking".

January 2013
- Inquiry-Based Learning at Michigan: An Opportunity "to Grapple with the Material Yourself and Make it Your Own"
- The 2012 IBL/Legacy Conference in Austin, Texas.
- Euclidean Geometry: A Guided Inquiry Approach, a new book by David Clark.
June 2012
- "To Understand Is to Invent:" The Center for Mathematical Inquiry at the University of California, Santa Barbara
- How to Network: The Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning
- Engage to Excel: The National Effort Encouraging Discovery-Based Research Courses
Newsletter January 2012
January 2012
- Transforming Lives Through Inquiry-Based Learning
- Culture of Discovery: Berry College
- Number Theory Through Inquiry
June 2011 newsletter
June 2011
- Transforming Lives Through Inquiry-Based Learning
- Culture of Discovery: Berry College
- Number Theory Through Inquiry
PDF newsletter January 2011
January 2011
- Assessment and Evaluation: Preliminary Report
- National Growth of IBL Continues
- IBL at the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2011
June 2010:
- Conference on IBL 17-19 June 2010
- Centers of National Growth
- Networking: Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning

January 2010:
- IBL Projects Receive NSF Grant
- Academy of Inquiry Based Learning Gives Grants
- Moore Method in the UK
- Guide for the Moore Method


Four centers have been funded by the Educational Advancement Foundation to support IBL activities.1 Help has been provided by certain key individuals along with substantial “in-kind” support from each of the four universities.

The two main goals (both achievable by sequences of extensive IBL courses) are the maximum development of each person’s ability:

The ability to teach well and to do research (from problem solving through creative, original work) is optimized by each student experiencing the IBL course sequence; i.e.: “Learning by Doing”.

Many studies confirm that active engagement is an important key to learning – two of the most recent are published by the National Academies Press2. IBL has proven to be an effective way to stimulate active student engagement.

The professors personally involved in teaching and managing at these locations are listed with contact information. 

     Professor Ralf Spatzier – Spatzier at; 734-763-3269
     UM Center for Inquiry Based Learning

     Professor Robert Fefferman – rfefferman at  773-702-7100
     Professor John Boller –boller at   773-702-7100

     Professor Michael Starbird – Starbird at; 512-471-5156
     Clinical Professor Mark Daniels – mdaniels at; 512-475-9145
     Inquiry Based Learning Project

     Center for Mathematical Inquiry
     Professor Jeffrey Stopple– Stopple at
     Professor Bill Jacob – Jacob at; 805-893-8048
     UCSB Department of Mathematics Center for Mathematical Inquiry

A multi-year, comprehensive evaluation of the courses at these four centers examines student outcomes of inquiry-based learning (IBL) in undergraduate mathematics and links these outcomes to students’ and instructors’ experiences of IBL. This is being conducted by the Ethnography & Evaluation Research unit at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

1 The IBL project at Harvard University has also received grant money.

2 National Academies Press (

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