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Research and Writing Opportunities


A biography by John Parker, R.L. Moore: Mathematician & Teacher, has been published by the Mathematical Association of America.

Financial support is available for scholars to produce articles concerning the Moore Method and/or R. L. Moore (1882-1974) who taught mathematics at The University of Texas, Austin, between 1920 and 1969.

R.L. Moore developed the Moore Method of teaching, which replaced "lecture and response" learning with what is today called inquiry- based learning or discovery learning. Some very prolific thinkers took Ph.D.s from Dr. Moore. He was eccentric, provocative, and fascinating - an appropriate subject for a richly flavored biography with dramatic impact and lasting value. Moore's influence on the field makes him one of the most interesting figures of twentieth-century American mathematics.

Extensive archival information is available. Please spread the word to qualified writers who might be interested in this project.


If you have questions or are interested in discussing this position with EAF, please send by mail, fax or e-mail, a current resume or curriculum vitae, along with recent writing samples to:

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