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The Legacy of R.L. Moore Project works towards ensuring that the well-recognized benefits of the Moore Method, and other inquiry-based learning methods, are made available to every student.:  Many of Dr. Moore’s students, beginning with his earliest one in 1916, recognized that not every student could take his classes and so sought, as teachers, to share their experience with the widest possible range of students. 

The Legacy Project, established by the Educational Advancement Foundation, helps advance studies of the mathematician Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974), thereby promoting the study of more effective methods of learning and teaching at all educational levels and in all subjects. Every student has the capability for creative and critical thinking and the method pioneered by Moore has proven to be very conducive to recognizing, nurturing, and developing this ability.

Professor Moore's method of teaching at The University of Texas was a forerunner of inquiry-based learning, a method which has been recommended in the report of a review of undergraduate education made to the National Science Foundation in 1996, entitled "Shaping the Future." What has become known as the "Moore Method" provides an example worth studying by anyone interested in teaching and, in particular, provides an opportunity to learn how teaching and research need not be separate, competing enterprises. R.L. Moore, together with the community of his fellow teachers of mathematics at The University of Texas, and their students and students of students, form an historically significant and influential group in American mathematics.

The Legacy Project is primarily concerned with preserving the historical record, producing a comprehensive biography of R.L. Moore, and supporting research by others that relate to aspects of his life, work and influence.

The Project actively solicits proposals for biographical papers of R.L. Moore and his teaching method. Adequate financial assistance for biographical papers is available. Inquire at: info@edu-adv-foundation.org.

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