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The Moore Method in 60 Minutes: Presentation by Ted Mahavier

W. Ted Mahavier presented a demonstration of the Moore Method at the 2003 Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference The idea was to compress and stage an actual classroom situation for observation and analysis by the conference attendees.

The group portrayed a small class in its entirety on the stage and followed their prepared script which was based on classroom experiences. Ted introduced the presentation with an outline of the practices he follows in his classes. See also the demonstration organized by Bob Kauffman.

The People:


William Ted Mahavier is a professor at Lamar University who received his PhD at University of North Texas under the supervision of John Neuberger in 1995. He is a founder of MathNerds, which provides free, discovery-based mathematical guidance via an international, volunteer network of mathematicians.


Lee Mahavier teaches mathematics in the public schools of Atlanta, Georgia. She obtained her MS under Coke Reed at Auburn University in 1984.

B. Dale Daniel is a professor at Lamar University. He received his PhD at Texas A&M in 1998 supervised by Bruce Treybig.

David M. Clark is Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean, School of Science and Engineering, and
Director of Environmental Programs at SUNY New Paltz. He has a PhD from Emory University, supervised by Trevor Evans in 1969.

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Video conversion by DAVID GARRIGUS PRODUCTIONS : 254.399.8333

From a Course in Real Analysis
(Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference, 2003)

Introduction I:
Classroom and Materials.
8.5 MB; 12 min.

First part of Kauffman movie

Introduction II:
Measuring Success (Testing, Grading).
8.4 MB; 12 min.

Class, Part I:
8 MB; 11 min.  

Part I continued:
Ms M's Conjecture.
8.2 MB; 11 min.

Discussion; "What if the whole class is wrong?"
Class, Part II.
10.8 MB; 15 min.

Part II continued.
10.1 MB; 14 min.

Part 6

8.7 MB; 12 min.

Part 7


All material is copyrighted by the Educational Advancement Foundation and the Foundation is grateful for the permission granted by the participants to make these presentations available here.

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