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Legacy of R.L. Moore IBL Conferences

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* Empowering with Inquiry-Based Learning

    18th annual meeting, 25-27 June 2015, Austin, Texas

Engaging with Inquiry-Based Learning

    17th annual meeting, 18-21 June 2014, Denver, Colorado

We Are IBL

    16th annual meeting, 13-15 June 2013, AT&T Conference Center, Austin, Texas

The Many Faces of Inquiry-Based Learning, II

   15th annual meeting, 14–16 June 2012, Omni Southpark Hotel, Austin, Texas

* The Many Faces of Inquiry-Based Learning

   14th annual meeting, 2–4 June 2011, Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC

EnAIBLing Inquiry-Based Learning

   13th annual meeting, 17–19 June 2010, Hyatt Regency, Austin, Texas

Inquiry-Based Learning in Different Contexts

   12th annual meeting, 16–18 July 2009, Hyatt Regency, Austin, Texas
   The printed program in PDF format is available here.


Examples of Inquiry-Based Learning Classes


William S. (Bill) Mahavier, Emory University, Foundations of Mathematics, 2008


William Ted Mahavier, Lamar University, Analysis, 2012


The Moore Method in 60 Minutes: A Demonstration by Robert Kauffman


Creativity in Mathematics: Inquiry-Based Learning and the Moore Method

(Opens a YouTube window.)

"More than twenty-five influential teachers, top researchers, inventors, and leaders of industry attest to the life changing rewards that began in a classroom taught by IBL and the Moore Method." Also available with additional material as a DVD.

"Master of the Game:
The Story of R.L. Moore"


A ten-minute sample reel made in 2005 for a proposed video sequel to "Challenge in the Classroom," the 1967 video of RL Moore produced by the Mathematical Association of America.

In addition to scenes from the original video, this includes excerpts from interviews filmed by George Csicery with the mathematician Paul Halmos and the theologian James William McClendon,


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